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Suddenly, you know it's time for a change

Beginnings are beautiful. They can be different from what we are used to, sometimes it can be hard to adapt, but there's just something so beautiful about new beginnings. Orang kata tutup buku lama, buka buku baru.

Bila kita buat keputusan untuk memulakan hidup baru, it is so refreshing you know? You say goodbye to bad habits of your past and say hello to healthier life. Buang sifat hasad dengki, cemburu dan segala macam perangai keji yang kita ada, cuba jadi seorang yang baru, yang tak rasa sakit bila orang beli sofa baru, tak rasa dengki bila orang naik pangkat, and so on.. pelihara jiwa agar lebih suci.

You decide to meet new people who lift you up, motivate you, and get rid of the ones who don't appreciate you. A new beginning mean freeing yourself. Keluar dari tampuk lama. Buat sesuatu perubahan ke arah yang lebih baik. Lupakan masa silam yang menyakitkan. Like really freeing yourself.

But I know, we aren't always ready for a change. Kita takut nak keluar dari dunia k…

To forgave what I couldn't forget

Forgiving someone doesn't mean their behaviour was okay. Memaafkan seseorang bererti anda selangkah bersedia untuk move on, untuk melupakan, to release the heavy weight.. forgiveness is pure freedom ! I know how it's like when someone you kenal dan percaya, do something you never thought..

Memaafkan tak bermakna kita kalah, but making peace about what happened.. baik untuk diri sendiri, because you choose to let it go instead of allowing it to destroy you..

Penat menjadi yang kedua

We want people in our lives who want to spend time with us, bukan menghampiri kita bila perlukan sesuatu. We want people who choose us back, who don't dissappear when someone else comes around. Its soooo frustrating when it seems like you put everyone first, but you're just a second thought to them.

People aren't just toys yang you can put aside when you found a new collection/favorite. Kita manusia yang ada perasaan, we have insecurities !

I would rather be dead on your list than be a second. It really crushes me when I don't feel important to someone who is so important to me   :(

If you want to change something, you have to do it yourself.

Welcome to mid 20s ! This is definitely a trying time for us. We're currently stepping into the next threshold of life and trying to figure things out for ourselves. We now have bills and responsibilities ! Haha..

Seperti pepatah "Perjalanan diri kita menuju kita" We're busy figuring, our likes, our dislikes.

For so long, I have always cared about those round me more than myself. I have struggle with image issues and my self-confidence about my weight. Selalu peduli bila orang cakap "ehh jerawat banyaklah" "nampak gemuk" "yg ni tak cantik tak suit you".. always. Sampailah one day I terfikir, sampai bila nak biar orang yang tentukan pilihan kita?

If you want to change something, you have to do it yourself.

Letting go of the pain and moving on after break up

Another new month or perhaps another year over and you're still troubled with hubungan percintaan yang putus di tengah jalan. The whole things is dragging on too long - kenapa susah sangat nak get over it?


Mungkin, something remain unsaid for you. That's why your feelings remain strong.
Mungkin, separuh jiwa anda masih menyangka ada harapan untuk bersama kembali.
Mungkin, anda takut tak akan jumpa lagi pasangan sepertinya.

Yes. You won't meet anyone like your ex, but InsyaAllah you will meet someone, just they will be different. Explore all this !

It's okay to say no

I'm a 'yes people'. I don't know how to say no, it's hard for me. Bila cakap tidak means kita menolak sesuatu, and I'm so worried that I might hurts them, so I end up committing to too many things or saying yes to things yang I taknak buat pon sebenarnya. That's because I'm too uncomfortable to turning or letting someone down padahal I should prioritizing my own needs and just SAY NO ! Tapi entahlahh.. I selalu mengiyakan banyak perkara yang kadang I sendiri rasa tak setuju.

Now I'm realized, it's not realistic to say yes to everything. I patut lebih tegas dengan decision sendiri. But it's not like I maksudkan yang it's a bad thing nak tolong orang or bring others joy, but it shouldn't be our driving force. Jangan sampai rasa terpaksa buat semua tu.. Sometimes, it's okay to say no.

Why him? Why her?

We think we can explain love between two people by such a link or give specific reason..

"I love him because he is good looking"
"He has a good heart"
"We fit together"

The truth is, there is something about love that is a mistery. We cannot really explain nor predict it. Tiada satu alasan atau sebab yang kukuh kenapa kita begitu mencintainya.. Bila orang tanya "kenapa pilih dia?" It so hard to explain you know.. The heart has its reason which we cannot understand.

So why him? Why her? The only real explanation is..... because its him... because its her...